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We, the owners of Daketi Safari, know that there are many people in the world who are less fortunate than us. That's why we want to give as much back to our local community as possible.


Viva Tanzania is a German-Tanzanian organization which aims at supporting meaningful projects in Arusha, North Tanzania.

Viva Tanzania wants to assist Tanzanians and people from all over the world to learn from one another through intercultural exchange. By helping foreigners to find purposeful volunteer projects in Tanzania, we do not only want to enable them to gain experience in working and being in contact with people from different origins. We want to make it a chance for everybody - volunteers and locals alike - to broaden their horizon. Our mission is to establish an environment in which intercultural encounter can take place.


Our participants will be enabled to gain the first-hand experience in a surrounding that is totally different from what they usually know. We want to show them the diversity of people, cultures and lifestyles. On the other hand, we want to support projects in need in Arusha, our hometown.


Our vision is to change the peoples' perception of Africa, Tanzania and its inhabitants through challenging and reducing stereotypes and racism. We believe that this can only be done through an intercultural exchange like volunteering.


In Tanzania, kindergartens and nursery schools are unfortunately not government-funded. For many children,  preschool education is not self-evident. Once they start attending school at the age of six to seven, they are not on the same level of knowledge as other children who have had the opportunity to attend a  preschool.


Daketi Safari and Viva Tanzania are very keen on giving these children a place where they can have access to education, the freedom to express childlike behavior, learn social skills and have a chance for a better future. The area we chose for our nursery school is called Siwandeti which is an village in Arusha District. It is a rather remote place where many indigenous and marginalized Maasai families live. Here we want to offer preschool education in order to create opportunities that are closer to the  homes of the children. 

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