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What the Hadzabe taught us

This week we went on a journey off the beaten path and experienced life differently than we know it. We visited the Hadzabe and Datoga tribes at Lake Eyasi in northern Tanzania.

For two nights we stayed at Lake Eyasi Safari Lodge and had a magnificent view of the lake.

On our arrival day, we just enjoyed the view and treated ourselves to a sundowner with a breathtaking view over the lodge and Lake Eyasi. The next day we woke up early and drove half an hour to meet the local Hadzabe people. In this area about 1,000 people still live according to the old traditions of hunting and gathering. It was a very impressive experience to go hunting with them and do local beadwork. Experiencing the Hadzabe way of life, sharing a small moment with them, made us very thoughtful. To see how our ancestors also survived for centuries without having more than their clothes and weapons. Of course, we don't want to romanticize their way of life. We know that their lives are fraught with many stresses, such as lack of food and water in the dry season, complications in pregnancy and childbirth, lack of medical care, and so on. Finally, many of them die in their forties. Nevertheless, it was impressive to see their way of life and reminded us how different and at the same time how similar we are.

After saying goodbye to the Hadzabe, we visited a Datoga family, the famous blacksmiths of Tanzania, who also barter with the Hadzabe, mainly exchanging honey for arrowheads.

They showed us their skills, and we took a small bracelet as a gift. After another night at Lake Eyasi Lodge, we headed back to Arusha, our heads and hearts full of new experiences and impressions.

If you have some time during your safari and want to experience something off the beaten path, we recommend visiting Lake Eyasi and meeting the Hadzabe and Datoga.

Would you like to meet the Hadzabe and Datoga? Get in touch today to plan your vacation!

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