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Safari Packing List & useful Information

Are you excited for your safari? We guess you are, as this is a once in a lifetime experience!

Tanzania is the home of "safari" with some of the most famous safari locations on Earth, such as the Serengeti.

In order to help you to prepare for your stay and calm your mind we created this packing list with useful information to make sure your safari runs as smoothly as possible.

-Universal travel adaptor (Tanzania uses the same type as the UK)

- Mobile/Smart phone

- E book/Tablet

- Camera with SD-card

- Laptop and USB-Stick to save documents and pictures

- Batteries and portable charger with cables

-  First Aid kit 

- Sunscreen (SPF factor 50 (Plus) recommended)

- Mosquito spray (preferably tropical one with DEET)

- Nail set

- Pocket knife

- Medications for diarrhea and nausea

- Tablets for travel sickness, fever and head ache

- Nasal spray

- If necessary, malaria medication

- Shampoo and conditioner

- Toothbrush and toothpaste

- Hairbrush

- Razor and interchangeable blades

- Washcloths

- A small mirror

- Hair ties and hair clips

- Soap

- Menstrual hygiene articles 

***June to August can be very cold in Tanzania so please bring enough warm clothes***

- Walking shoes

- Slippers or sandals

- Long pants

- Short pants

- (Hiking) Socks

- Head covering (hat or cap)

- Underpants

- Bra 

- T-shirts 

- Sweaters

- Light Sweater 

- Rain jacket, at best protecting from cold wind

- A cloth that can serve as a scarf, blanket, curtain or headscarf

- Notebook / Stationery / Ballpoint pen

- Headphones

- Binoculars

- Backpack for day trips

- Money belt to keep your valuables

- Refillable water bottle (not plastic)

- Emergency phone numbers

- Jute bag for dirty laundry and for purchases (plastic bags are forbidden in Tanzania)

- Earplugs

- Sleeping mask

- Clothesline

- Safety pins 

-Travel socks/thrombosis stockings are recommended for long-haul flights. These are available in all pharmacies.

Be sure to pack long clothes, also to protect yourself from mosquitoes in the morning and evening. Clothing made of quick-drying material is also useful. It is best to leave valuable jewelry at home.

Here's what you should consider before traveling to Tanzania:

- Passport: Your passport should be valid for at least six months beyond the trip and have enough free pages for visas.

- Visa: To enter Tanzania a tourist visa for 50 to 100 USD is mandetory. You can get the visa on arrival or apply for your e-visa at the website of the immigration department.

- Credit Card: Get a Visa or MasterCard before your departure, which allows you to withdraw money abroad. Card payments are still not common and often not possible.

- Insurance: You should have a health insurance. It may also makes sense that you get information about further insurance such as travel cancellation, luggage, etc.

- Vaccinations/Malaria prophylaxes: All information regarding vaccinations and whether or not you should take a malaria prophylaxe has to be discussed with your doctor.

- Health care: If you plan to travel longer, it may be useful to get a check up by your doctors so that they can make sure you can travel for a longer period of time.

- Foreign Office: In general you should visit the Foreign Office pages before and during your travels to stay up to date regarding the political situation in the country that you are visiting. It is also useful to have contact numbers of your embassy.

We hope this list will help you prepare for your safari and your stay in Tazania. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!

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